Tanggal 1-2 Februari 2017

Metode Pelatihan :
Metode yang digunakan dalam pelatihan ini adalah lektur, workshop, studi kasus dan konsultasi interaktif.

Siapa harus hadir :
Direktur, Komisaris, Legal manager / Staff, Finance, Corporate Secretary, Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, dll.


Corporate Status
—  Deed of Establishment – Articles of Association
—  Letter of Incorporation as legal entity
—  State Gazette Publication
—  Amendments to the Articles of Association
—  Minutes of Meeting.

Capital Stock
—  Authorized Capital
—  Duly Authorized
—  Validly Issued
—  Fully Paid and Non-assessable
—  Reservation of Shares
—  Outstanding Equity Securities


  1. Domiciles licenses
  2. Tax Registration Number
  3. Department of Industry
  4. Departmentof Trade
  5. Department of Man Power
  6. Department of Law and Human Rights
  7. Environment license
  8. HO
  9. Other licenses

Management and Shareholding

—  Number and name of BoD and BoK members
—  Minutes of Meeting on the appointment and dismissal as member of BoD and BoK
—  Shareholders Registration List and Special Registration List
—  Share Sales and Purchase Agreement and other showing the legal transfer of Ownership of the shares
—  Corporate Power and Corporate Action
—  Corporate Power to Conduct Business and Enter into Agreement
—  Due Authorization, Execution and Delivery


  • Evidences of:
  1. Immovable properties;
  2. Movable properties;
  3. Intellectual Property Rights


—  Fire Insurance
—  General Loss Insurance
—  Life Insurance
—  D&O Liability Insurance


—  Credit Agreements
—  Bank Loan Agreements
—  Financial Lease Agreements
—  BOT
—  Shareholders Loan

Tax Compliance

—  Monthly and Annually Tax Report
—  Special Tax Report

Man Power Compliance

—  Company Regulation
—  Report on Manpower
—  Manpower insurance and pension fund
—  Tripartite compliance report (if any)

No Violation

Senior Praktisi Hukum Bisnis & Pasar modal

Duration (days) :
2 hari

Pukul :
09.00 – 16.30 WIB

Tempat :
Hotel FAVE Melawai, Jl.Melawai 4 No 3-11, Jakarta selatan

Rp 3.500.000

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