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Training Industrial Relations for Expatriate Executive


  • 12 January 2016
  • 2 February 2016
  • 1 March 2016
  • 1 April 2016
  • 3 May 2016
  • 1 June 2016
  • 20 July 2016
  • 10 August 2016
  • 2 September 2016
  • 4 October 2016
  • 1 November 2016
  • 2 December 2016

Venue: Hotel Harris Tebet Jakarta

Tersedia program In-House Training. Hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Workshop Leader
Asfar Arief, MBA.

Praktisi senior HRD Management yang berpengalaman, malang melintang berkecimpung   lebih dari 35 tahun diberbagai MNC, antara lain dengan McDermott, Sampoerna, BASF, BP Petroleum, Rothmans of Pall Mall, ETERNIT, Edison Mission, Radisson dan Sunrise. Setelah pensiun, Nara Sumber bergabung sebagai Training Associate dengan beberapa Training Institution dan telah memberikan pelatihan HRD lebih dari 30 batch.

Selain memberikan training untuk HR Generalist yang menyangkut semua fungsi2 HRD, juga memberikan training untuk competency tertentu dalam HRD Management,  yang bersifat khusus, antara lain mengenai Interview & Selection Technique, Job Grading & Salary Structure, Remuneration Management, HR Audit dan Industrial Relations for Expatriate Executives (dalam Bahasa Inggeris). Nara Sumber ini juga memberikan Jasa Konsultasi bidang HRD yang berkaitan dengan penerimaan, penggunaan, pengembangan dan pemberdayaan SDM diperusahaan.

This one day TRAINING SEMINAR will help the expatriate executives as well as the local counterpart Managers to understand thoroughly of how the HR Functions would help the organization to achieve the company’s goals and objectives and maintain harmonious working atmosphere in the company.

Indonesia is still opened for foreign investment. The government keeps trying to improve and simplify various regulations in order to strengthen the comparative advantage amongst the developing countries in this region, making Indonesia more interesting for investment. Efforts have been made to implement proper regulations including the new Manpower Laws in order to attract foreign investors and bring their investment into Indonesia,

As you are aware of that the Indonesian Government have issued 3 important Manpower Laws, namely Law No. 21/2000 about the Union, Law No. 13/2003 about Manpower and Law No. 2/2004 about the Settlement of Industrial Disputes. These three Manpower Laws made significant changes in the concept and the implementation of how the companies are supposed to manage the work force. However, these three laws did not make as yet the industrial relations system in Indonesia favorable to the investors. There is an indication that these manpower laws would be altered again. Particularly about the termination benefits payment that will be paid to the employees when a termination occurs. The alterations were presented and discussed in the Parliament (DPR). There is no decision made yet so far, and we have been in the uncertainty for nearly four years.

To update you with all the latest issues on manpower laws and regulations, We would like to invite you to a ONE DAY TRAINING SEMINAR that this TRAINING PROVIDER is organizing where you can get hand on knowledge of how HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT in your company would give you good support and solution to overcome the industrial relations matters that may arise in your company. The resource person will share with you his knowledge, his skills and his long working experience in HRD. He will guide you of how you should drive your HRD Department to support the Senior Executives and Line Managers of your company. Then after that you may expect your HRD becoming your STRATEGIC PARTNER in your organization.

We are pleased to help and guide you or answer your questions should you have any industrial problem in your company. We will give you our professional advice to solve your problem. We trust you will spend your valuable time for this valuable TRAINING SEMINAR.

To ensure that all the expatriate executives as well as the local counterpart Managers understand thoroughly of how the HR Functions would help the organization to achieve the company’s goals and objectives and maintain harmonious working atmosphere in the company.


  • 6 HRD MANAGEMENT functions.
  • HRD Road Map.
  • Developing HRD Work Program.
  • Standard Competencies in HRD.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in HRD.
  • The prevailing Manpower Laws about the Union, Manpower and Labor Court..
  • Developing Company Policy Manual
  • SOP in HRD
  • Licenses Related to HRD Functions
  • Strike & Lock Out

Target Audience

  • Expatriate Executives working in Indonesia, especially those who are dealing directly with the workforce in the company.
  • Expatriate Top Executives who are making the company’s policy and procedure in the utilization of workforce.
  • All the local partners (Indonesian Managers) of the expatriate Executives working in Indonesia.

Investment Fee
Rp.4,500,000, Registrasi 2 Peserta

Including: Course Material: hard copy, soft copy & flash disc, Free Wi-Fi, Certificate, Lunch & Coffee Break, Souvenir & Door Prize